The story of Mike

Mike is a confidence coach and managing consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand.

How it all began

How does this work?! Curiousity has always ruled my life, and fascinated me deeply.

In my childhood and young adult years, this lead me to learn about computers and technology, the Internet. Take apart toasters, and TV's and so much more.

As I matured, my attention and appreciation turned towards people, and towards myself, and I began a journey of psychological self-development.

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"There are only two kinds of fear...
fear of dying... and fear of living."

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Why I Coach

My most accounts, my life has had a lot of successes. I've built & owned a multi-million dollar business. Worked with some of the coolest companies and people in the world. I have a great family, and beautiful children.

My values have led me to discover beautiful things about myself and about what is possible with my life.

Among the most valuable things I've learned is that life is limited, and that when you allow fear to hold you back, you are spending your life, idling in the garage.

The way I put this to my clients is...
"Doing nothing is not free."

I am currently focusing my attention on life coaching, becuase working with people to make their lives better has such deep fulfillment for me.

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my favourite topics

It might seem like a strange mix, to me psychological self-development, and technology are closely related. Both are about making our lives and lifestyles the best they can be.

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