I've Been Rejected, and I Want Revenge

Written by
Michael Wells

I've Been Rejected, and I Want Revenge

Written by
Michael Wells

I've Been Rejected, and I Want Revenge

Written by
Michael Wells
"The girl I like rejected me purposely so I could try harder. Should I date a super hot girl I know to make her regret it?"

Absolutely YES, because that’s clearly a great way to show the girl you like that you value her.


Think about what you’re saying here.

I understand that you feel “rejected”, and your first reaction is to hit back, but that’s what 3 year old’s do. You are not 3 anymore.

What you’re feeling is your own insecurity and self-worth issues playing up here, so simply own those insecurities. Why do you feel the need to have someone else validate you? Aren't you enough on your own?

When you feel a reaction to rejection, those are your own reactions & feelings.

She did not cause them. They were there to begin with.

Dancing takes two.

Her part in this connection is not to fall into your arms. Her role is to respond to your lead with her own individuality and to communicate her own needs and style in this relationship.

What does she want from you?

Is she interested in you, and in what way? Or not at all?

What does she need to see, in making her own choices that are best for her life?

So far, she seems to be doing pretty well at responding, and giving you some clarity on where she's at in this connection.

Appreciate that.

She knows her worth, and she wants to see if you are willing to earn her attention and respect. Are you patient? Respectful? Kind? Mature? A man?

Or are you still a boy?

Do you know your own worth, or do you need validation from others to “prove” it to you?

Taking Revenge

If you honestly feel that your best response to feeling “hurt” is to go see other women, than you absolutely should.

But if you choose that, understand that what you’re saying loud & clear is-

“You deserve better than me.”

And you’d be right, if that’s how you’re treating her.

First published on 
October 16, 2020
. Last updated on 
October 16, 2020

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