The Wonderful Future of Driverless Cars

Written by
Michael Wells

The Wonderful Future of Driverless Cars

Written by
Michael Wells

The Wonderful Future of Driverless Cars

Written by
Michael Wells

Our World is about to Change for the Better

"Driverless" autonomous cars are coming sooner than you think, and I am super-excited about the possibilities.

I love driving. I hope I will never have to give up that experience, as a fun, enjoyable pastime. But the future that autonomous cars will create for us is worth far more to me.

Let's have a look at how our world will change...

It's Friday morning. Your car has just dropped your kids off to school, and is waiting outside for you.

You're on your way to work, enjoying a proper breakfast, some good music and a hot cup of coffee. Reading a book. Texting your friends. The view outside is not so impressive, so instead, you're enjoying the morning news on the big screen.

The commute is smooth and peaceful. No one is stressed. No one is honking. Traffic is flowing smoothly because there are no accidents or impatient lane-changing drivers.

Reaching the inner city, the streets are clear. Since the introduction of autonomous cars, there is no longer any curb-side parking, so roads are twice as wide. Cyclists are plentiful and ride in safety, since the cars can track them far more safely than human drivers can.

At work, you hop out of your car, and enjoy the smog-free air. Cars are fewer, and more electric. Your car takes off to park itself outside of the city centre, where it's super cheap. On the way, your car stops for a recharge and decides it should go get the warrant of fitness done.

At 4:15pm your car leaves the parking garage and goes and picks up your dinner groceries for you at the local supermarket. 

At 5pm your car picks you up in front of your building, timed perfectly. It even knew when you were coming down the elevator.

After a lovely evening you awake Saturday morning.

It's a beautiful day and you want to go for a run. You hop in the car and it heads for your favourite jogging beach.

You run a few km's up the coastline, and meanwhile, your car is keeping track of you and relocating every once in awhile to a nearer position to where you are. After 5 km's, it starts to rain, so you leave the beach and head to the road... where your car is dutifully waiting.

I love this future.

Any technology which improves the opportunity for humans to interact face-to-face, has benefits.

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Does Time Heal All Wounds?

I used to think so, but... it seems time doesn't help as much as you'd expect with mental trauma.

Except when you die, of course, we assume.

I recently coached a man who was still missing his girlfriend from high school. They dated for only 2 months. He last saw her 34 years ago, and has not had contact with her since. 34 years... mind-blowing.

The mind reinforces what you choose to think about consciously, and it surfaces memories and imagery attached to what it wants & needs emotionally.

When you experience trauma, I see people heal much faster and more completely if they approach it the same as, say, a broken leg. Get it set right, attended too, care for it. Don't walk on it for awhile, then once it's sound, re-strengthen it and rebuild the muscles with exercise. Done right, it will be stronger than it was before it was broken.

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