Why Would Someone Love Me?

Written by
Michael Wells

Why Would Someone Love Me?

Written by
Michael Wells

Why Would Someone Love Me?

Written by
Michael Wells
"Why would anyone choose a relationship with me over the millions of other people who are just as good or better 'options'?"

At this moment, you’re probably either at home, or at work while you’re reading this.

Look around you right now.

Why did you choose this home, or this job? There are probably millions of other options out there, so why this one?

Chances are that a few things went through your mind…

  • This has everything I need
  • This has some things that I really, really like
  • And nothing that I cannot stand
  • It’s in the right location, at the right time, and it’s available now
  • I could keep looking… but I might lose this opportunity, and I can’t look forever or I will end up homeless, or jobless, and quite unhappy.

Relationships are no different. Although we have a lot of emotions wrapped up in relationships, they are also about 3 primary functions;

  1. Having a companion to share life with, who challenges you to be your best and enables you to accomplish more
  2. Having family to protect you, when you’re sick, injured, or down on your luck
  3. Sex, intimacy, and reproduction, the things that make a romantic relationship unique from other types of relationships.

Having a romantic partner to share life with makes these things possible.

It’s good to ask the question...

“Why would someone choose me?”

But the immediately following question needs to be...

“How can I improve these areas further?”

Be the best partner you can be, and go out and meet people. The other people in your world are just as driven to want relationships, and you will find each other.

And, or course, if you’re a male, it’s generally your job to do much of the inviting, so do that lots.

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. Last updated on 
July 13, 2020

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